12in24™ Plan - 24 Day Challenge

Welcome to YOUR 12in24™Plan - 24 Day Challenge 

Congratulations on taking the FIRST STEP to losing weight and getting healthy!

We say congratulations because just by making the commitment to take the 12in24™ Plan - 24 Day Challenge, you have put yourself in the TOP 10% of successful people in the WORLD when it comes to losing weight!

That’s right. Everyone says they are looking to lose weight and get healthy, but less than 10% of people ever take that first step.

Now that you’ve proven that you are one of the few who take action and are serious about finally achieving your weight loss goals, we want you to know that we are 100% committed to helping you get into the top one percent of people who complete the challenge and achieve their results!


Step 1:
PRINT this FORM and write down Your Starting Measurements

While the biggest sense of progress is the way you look and feel while Valentus Product via the 12in24™ Plan, our tracking system can help you keep track of weight loss, inch loss, and more, so you know exactly how far you’ve come while taking the 24 Day Challenge. 

Step 2: Follow The 12in24™ Plan - make sure you take the 7th day off!

As the backbone of the 12in24™ Plan - 24 Day Challenge, it’s super important that you take the three (3) products for 6 days and take the 7th day off. Remember, one of the most powerful parts of the products (including SlimROAST) is the ingredients that gets your body ready to lose weight. While most people start to see weight loss their first few days, for some people, it may take 2 to 3 weeks.  This isn’t a 7 day challenge, Your body didn’t get unhealthy in just a few days. The longer it’s been neglected, the longer it will take to get healthy. So make a commitment to stick with it for at least 24 days and we are confident that you will get results!

ADDED BONUS:We want you to get the maximum value and results. That’s why, as part of the 12in24™ Plan - 24 Day Challenge, we also give you easy and effective
nutrition tips to help you reach your goals even faster! 

Step 3:  Track Your Progress

Many diet and weight loss programs’ only goal is to help you lose a set amount of pounds. While that’s not necessarily bad, the problem with it is that it does not address the main obstacle to losing weight, which is getting your body healthy. That’s why more often than not, you either don’t lose weight, or it comes back and you’re right back where you started.

We are focused on not only weight reduced, also inches!!

With the 12in24™ Plan 24 Day Challenge, our entire goal is to help you get your body healthy, and keep it healthy, so that you can continue to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Our Tracking System not only helps you track how much weight you’ve lost, but also how many inches you’ve lost, how healthy you feel, and any other benefits you might notice. And you don’t have to stop using it after just 24 Days!

Remember with 100% all natural ingredients, Valentus Products are safe to take as long as you want. 24 Days is just the beginning. Staying healthy and fit is a lifelong journey, and we want 12in24™ Plan to be a part of that journey! That’s why we encourage you to use the Tracking System for as long as you want!